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 Garden Season -

Garden Season -

And finally, the sun is peaking out, the gardens are springing back to life and the evenings are growing longer!

The months of mowing the grass and refreshing the garden furniture are here and with that, its time to top up the grazing platter and pitcher jug collection.

Hosting family and friends once again is made more convenient with our Dear Grace entertaining favourites. For lemon water to Pimm's the Glass Swirl Jug is an essential. Snuggling up as the sun goes down is easy with our fabulous Moss Stitch Throws. And serving your favourite snacks and nibbles alfresco looks amazing on the Wooden Scooped Tray.

Fluff Your Fauxs -

Silk and artificial flowers are improving their look constantly and now it can be near impossible to spot the difference between a faux and its real life counterpart.

With this being said, a lot of an artificial flower or foliage stem looking is best is actually down to the conditioning it receives once its at home.

A great tip for life like stems is altering the heights, not a lot, but bending or cutting some stems just a centimeter or two creates a staggered, more natural look which instantly makes arrangements look less artificial.

A majority of stems these days are wired within which makes a more natural arrangement even easier to achieve. Pull, bend, twist and spread individual stems within flower sprays to create, natural winding branches, that not only look more real but make your stems fill far more visual space within the home.

 Fluff Your Fauxs -